Diego Cadavid  & Miriam Rabascall

Miriam Rabascall, Marketing Engineer and executive producer of the company, together with Diego Cadavid, Advertising  photographer, director and audiovisual producer base in miami, have worked in the advertising industry for more than 10 years. Creating photographs for clients such as General Motors, Pepsi, Coca  Cola, Huggies, 7 Up, Diners Club International, American Express, Discover, Colgate, and others. Our mission is to create an alliance of responsibility and trust with each of our clients, leading projects from the pre-production to the final delivery of each piece. We have a first level human team that covers the different areas of production. We currently have offices in Miami and Guayaquil and we are part of www.asafilmsproductions.com  production company that executes our advertising and artistic photographic projects in miami and latinamerica.

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