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200 Best Ad Photograpters+2021


Diego Cadavid Advertising Photographer based in Miami Florida



ividly colored image of a bustling cityscape, taken using a Kodak Ektar H35, part of the resurging popularity of film photography




Agency: Mullenlowe Delta

Chief Creative Officer: Carlos Oviedo

General Creative Director: Carlos Cabrera

Associate Creative Director: Carlos Vergara

Art Director: Kerbis Mendoza

Graphic Designer: Cristina Román Copywriter: Carlos Vergara / Andrea Guarisma

Photographer: Diego Cadavid Mora

Production Company: Cadavid & Rabascall

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highlighting the city\'s vibrancy, expertly captured on 35mm film by a skilled clothing photographer. This image emphasizes the charm of photo film, achieved using a Kodak Ektar H35 -



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