Ukrainian People Forced to Flee: Documenting the Humanitarian Crisis

Six months ago, when the war broke out in Ukraine, I felt a deep sense of powerlessness. I couldn’t stand idly by while people were forced to flee their homes. Determined to make a difference, I grabbed my camera and headed to Warsaw to document the unfolding events.

My objective was to witness and understand the gravity of the humanitarian crisis and explore ways to offer assistance. Two contrasting emotions overwhelmed me: frustration at my inability to provide direct aid and hope as I witnessed the Polish people’s remarkable coordination in providing support for Ukrainian refugees. From restaurants and medical facilities to shelters, bathrooms, free clothing, and kindergartens, the Polish community demonstrated exceptional solidarity.

During my time in Warsaw, I immersed myself in the Ukrainian community, engaging in conversations about both trivial and profound matters. This experience provided me with an opportunity to document my journey, using my trusted analog camera, the Pentax 67. I hope you appreciate the authenticity captured through my lens.

I am delighted to share that our work has been featured in ID Magazine in Korea, amplifying the voices of those who often go unheard.

As a photographer, my purpose is to document the world and give a voice to the voiceless. I strive to shed light on the stories that deserve attention and raise awareness for the challenges faced by displaced individuals.


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